LYNX Hooks Hi-Viz Green Sports Strap (pair)


The HI-VIZ GREEN strap has an attractive bright green polyester cover with black stripes, great visibility for snow season or any time of year, especially if you’re ever riding, running, or hiking on black roads where drivers aren’t always paying attention. The remainder of the strap is black polyester webbing

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LYNX Hooks Sport Stretch Straps are designed to do everything bungee cords and ocky straps can’t do, and then go further… way further. It’s all-possible because of three things we insisted upon as we developed LYNX Hooks: 

Innovative design, top shelf materials and superior quality control

Why bother with all that, if simple bungee cords and ocky straps are our only competition? Because our goal, isn’t just to make a stretch strap we can be proud of, it is to help ease you through your work or chores and get you outside with a minimum of gear to carry, doing the activities you love the most.

Hear the click to secure

The exacting tolerances of the hooks’ design means they click securely together — you can feel and hear them lock — yet they’ll obediently come apart when (and only when) you tell them to, by pinching the pair in just the right place. This face-to-face connection lets you join two or more straps together in a line, to make a unified strap that’s as long as the job requires.

Hybrid constructed straps for extra strength

The patented straps themselves are a hybrid of stretch and adjustability. They include a section of stout, UV- and marine-resistant rubber that’s further protected by a top-quality woven polyester jacket, and attached to the same top quality grade of weather-resistant polyester in a non-stretchy webbing. With this hybrid construction, the webbing holds firm while the stout rubber section absorbs shock and keeps the webbing from jigging loose even if your load shifts on rough, uneven trails.



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