Gear Grabbers


Use LYNX  Hooks Gear Grabbers to secure from fabrics and tarps for a tie-down possibility like nothing else on the market.

Grommets ripped out? Make a sturdy connection to outdoor fabrics without damaging the fabric, using the LYNX Hooks Gear Grabber. Now you can connect LYNX Hooks to tarps, visqueen, backpack fabric, tent fabric, canvas, etc. and build quick shelters, tent mudrooms, and storm covers for your machine, and even hang your bear spray within easy reach on your jacket.

By adding Gear Grabbers with your LYNX Hooks you open up a lot more opportunities helping you find the ultimate tie-down solution for when you least except it.


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They say necessity is the mother of invention. The PackTach was conceived to solve one simple problem. How can you attach gear where you want to on the exterior of your pack, tarp, backpack, tent wall, tent fly, boat cover, awning, horse blanket, or any other out door fabric based surface? The PackTach solves this problem with a beautifully simplistic piece of hardware that allows the user to create a hooking point to any location on a pack. Watch the video to see how. Unbelievably clever and secure, from



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