no more bungee cords
Born out of necessity, Lynx Hooks are a tie-down system designed to be simple, safe and superior.
Research from the University of New South Wales states that over 500 Australians annually end up hospitalised due severe ocular damage from recoiling octopus straps. Lynx Hooks have removed this hazard with their innovative design. With an adjustable strap like on a backpack, a single Lynx Hooks extends to 114cm, and linking multiple Lynx Hooks together can create any desired length. Interlocking two or more Lynx Hooks together can also be used to produce a web to safely secure and tie-down gear without the hazardous recoil and backlash associated with typical occy straps. Made from premium solid rubber of patented design for maximum functionality, covered with weather-resistant woven polyester jackets, attached to premium woven webbing and tough, field-tested ABS hooks and buckles, Lynx Hooks are unmatched by any competitor on the market. Adaptable and tolerant, the Lynx Hook design clicks securely together and obediently comes apart so you don’t have to worry about a rogue recoiling strap whilst your unpacking.